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In order to get the hosting package to suit your requirements please use the form below to add or remove features of your currently selected package.  Please note - It may be beneficial to check the customisation options available as it will be more cost affective to add options in the largest possible way (I.e. 1x 50mb storage increase and not 2x 25mb increases), the quotation system will quote based on your inputs.

If the form below doesn't offer the flexibility you need to match your requirements please use the contact form to request a specialised package to suit your needs.

This form requires the use of JavaScript to operate, if your browser doesn't support JavaScript technology then you will need to use the Contact form in order to specify your requirements.

Your currently selected package is : Package ".$_GET["pkg"].""; if($_GET['pkg']=="A") echo ". This offers you 100mb of Storage and 750mb of bandwidth."; if($_GET['pkg']=="B") echo ". This offers you 200mb of Storage and 1250mb of bandwidth."; if($_GET['pkg']=="C") echo ". This offers you 300mb of Storage and 1500mb of bandwidth."; if($_GET['pkg']=="D") echo ". This offers you 400mb of Storage and 1800mb of bandwidth."; if($_GET['pkg']=="E") echo ". This offers you 500mb of Storage and 2500mb of bandwidth."; echo "

"; echo "You can add or remove Storage, Bandwidth or Add-on domains using the form below. "; echo "Once you have finished making your amendments to meet your requirements click on the quote "; echo "button to receive an instant update to the pricing plan."; echo "

"; $_SESSION['spkg']=$_GET['pkg']; } else { echo "Not available - Please select one using the drop down list below"; echo "

"; } ?> Update your package selection :

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