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What can I include on a website?
Absolutely anything, the key thing to remember is you need to get your message across or provide information without confusing the user.  Therefore your Website should be Responsive, Visually Pleasing, Easy to Navigate and most importantly up to date.  There are many sites there are on the internet that are Slow, difficult to read or navigate and so out of date that they could feature the moon landing in the news section!!!

How do I develop a website?
You can write your own website using nothing more than a text editor (not for the faint hearted!), you could use a website authoring tool such as Microsoft Front-page or you could use a 3rd party design house such as www.rthost.co.uk, it all depends on your ability, time and of course your budget.

What do www.rthost.co.uk use?
We use a variety of tools to create pages using different technologies and languages depending on the requirements of the customer.  These tools and languages include HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, PERL, VBSCRIPT and MySQL.

How big should my website be?
Websites can be a single Static page, a small collection of Static pages or a large collection of Dynamic pages - www.rthost.co.uk is able to develop both Static and Dynamic websites to meet your needs.

Static and Dynamic Pages - What are you talking about?
Static Pages are hard coded in that the pages are stored as you view them in your browser window, for speed of development and ease of maintenance these are ideal for smaller sites.  Dynamic pages generally use a coding technology such as PHP, JavaScript or ASP to retrieve data from files or databases to construct the page prior to displaying this in your browser window.

OK I am interested, how much would this cost me?
Unfortunately we cannot provide a general price list for Website Design as the requirements vary from customer to customer, we have provided a link below to obtain a quote or request additional information on our Website Design Service.

Website Design Services
We can offer a wide range of designs to meet your specifications, we have a number of in-house styles or we can recommend the use of a purchased pre-designed template or even the use of your own graphics and images.  We have found that site designs work best when our design team works with you to discuss your requirements at the time of conception.  Once the design is tested and approved, we can then include your "content" to bring your website to life.

Please use the online contact form to log a query regarding Website Design.