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So what is a Domain Name?
It’s an address, just like your home or company address but relates to a place on the internet, example names include amazon.com, google.com or even rthost.co.uk.  Every computer on the Internet is known by a number called an IP Address, and because people in general are not really any good at remembering lots of numbers like for each site they visit on the internet we have Domain Names to help us.  Remembering Domain Names may also be difficult but you will probably find it easier than remembering a number with up to 12 digits.  Domain Names are unique across the whole internet and many of the "good single word" names have already gone so you need to consider what is available when it comes to choosing your own domain name - We have a Domain Name checker below to help you check if your preferred Domain Name is available.

How much does a Domain Name cost?
The cost of a Domain Name varies on the suffix (See "Dotcoms" below) and the length of time the Domain Name is being register for.  A table below highlights the costs for the different types of suffix.

I've heard about dotcoms, what are they?
Whilst many people refer to domains as dotcom's which generally translates to ".COM" and relates to the suffix applied or TLD (Top Level Domain) to your Domain Name - There are many other suffixes that relate to the type of individual or organisation registering the domain or even the country in which the domain exists.  We have already discussed that Domain Names are unique across the internet but this needs to include the suffix for example GOOGLE.COM is not the same as GOOGLE.CO.UK and whilst both addresses might be owned by the same company and point to the same numeric address they are two different names.  Therefore when it comes to choosing a Domain Name you might want to check other suffixes to either get the name you want or to check that someone else is not offering a different type of service that may not be appropriate to you or your business by using the same name with a different suffix.

How do I choose a Domain Name?
Choosing a Domain Name should be done with care, it should be easy to remember and relevant to your site, business etc.  You need to consider if you need to register additional suffixes to protect your Domain Name from potential Cyber-squatters or if you are planning on a global presence.  In order to get up and running though you just need a single Domain Name.

What is a Cybersquatter? - Should I be scared of them?
Cyber-squatters is a term used to describe a person or business that registers a Domain Name that might be useful for another organisation, for example if your business was called ABC FISH and you decided that you wanted a internet presence then a suitable Domain Name might be abcfish.com - Someone may have registered this in the hope that when you needed it that you would need to purchase it from them in order to use it - Remember Domain Names have to be unique. Getting a domain back from a Cybersquatter can be a costly and lengthy excercise.

So who owns a Domain Name?
Anyone can own one, If you register a Domain Name through ourselves we will register this in YOUR name so that the Domain Name becomes legally YOURS to do with as you wish (many other organisation will register the address with their own details which makes them the legal owner).  We can act as the billing and administration contact if you wish but you will remain the registered owner.

Why do I have a Subscription Length?
In order that Domains Names do not become stale, (I.e. Not pointing at a valid site) they expire after a set period of time, the length of time depends on the suffix and the registrars but varies from 1 to 10 years.  Most customers would normally register a Domain Name for a 2 year period and then reregister the Domain before it expires to ensure that they retain ownership.

Domain Name Availability Checker
Enter your required Domain Below, amend the TLD (Top Level Domain) Extension to the one you need and then click "Check Availability" perform a search on the Internet for your entered Domain.
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Domain Registration Costs
Domain Suffix Cost Per Year Setup/Registration Fee Minimum Subscription Length
.uk 3.04 Free 2 Years
.com 10.56 Free 2 Years
.net 10.56 Free 2 Years
.org 10.56 Free 2 Years
.info 10.56 Free 2 Years
.biz 10.56 Free 2 Years
.name 10.56 Free 2 Years











29.36 Free 2 Years
.tv 36.36 Free 2 Years
.cc 36.36 Free 2 Years